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Contact Info

Shipping & Mailing Address:
150 Carmichaels Rd.
Carmichaels, PA 15320

Phone: (724) 540-2006


VP of Sales/Purchasing: Robbie Galis                   rob@greeneteampellets.com

  • Sales of finished product (Wood Pellets) Wholesale only.

  • Purchasing of packaging materials

  • Purchasing of raw materials (sawdust & wood chips)

  • Shipping manager

  • Consumer relations


VP of Operations: Andy Galis                                andy@greeneteampellets.com

  • Operations management

  • Purchasing of plant equipment


Office Manager:  Yvonne Kurcaba                                    info@greeneteampellets.com

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Office Management

  • Truck dispatcher


Plant Manager:  Greg Smith

  • Plant maintenance

  • Fabrication and design


Facilities Engineer:  Jobie Rossell                           jobie@greeneteampellets.com

  • Continuous plant improvement

  • PLC programming

  • Electrical manager

  • Automation and controls

Founder: Emil "Moe" Galis 



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