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Join our Product Availability Notification Email List to get email updates of when Greene Team pellets will be coming to your area!


Fill out the form below to start recieving the emails.


In an effort get you the information you need at the right time, we now have the ability to email you shortly after a shipment to your area ships, in addition to emailing you about future shipments as we have been doing in the past. This could prove very valuable when pellet supply is tight like it has been these past few months. With the new system you’ll be able to customize:


  • The radius (in miles) of stores in which you receive alerts.

  • The months of the year in which you will receive emails about future shipments - meaning 2 or 3 weeks advanced notice of a shipment of wood pellets coming to your area.  You will be able to check on the status the shipment via:      Shipment Tracker

  • The months of the year in which you will receive emails about shipments in your area shortly after they ship – usually meaning 1 business day after the pellets ship from our manufacturing facility. This could prove very useful later in the winter when supply of wood pellets can get tight.

  • The “do not email me again until date” - You can let us know you’ve got your supply of wood pellet for a while – “Don’t send me the emails again until (insert future date here).”


You’ll be able modify your settings at anytime, or remove yourself from the list altogether at anytime.  We realize that no one like useless emails, which is why we don’t want to send those to you.  You can customize your email settings to get the emails when want them for the stores you want to know about.

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